Northwind Traders Developer 2.2 Template event firing bug

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This is a weird bug in the Northwind Traders Developer 2.2 Template, not sure if this is an MS Access bug or something in the way the code is written.  The events appear to fire differently when you follow the specific scenario below - this is in context of trying to delete a company:


If you try to delete a Company such as Adatum Corporation from the Companies list by highlighting the row, right clicking, and choosing Delete Record, you will get a message that the Company can't be deleted because the Contacts table (or the Orders table) contains related records (this appears to be an MS Access referential integrity error message).  Then if you click the link for that company from teh list to open the Customer form and then click the Delete Company button, you immediately get a "Deleted!' message, followed by a dialog window telling you the company can't be deleted because there are Customer Orders for the company.


The "Deleted!" messagebox is the weird part, and doesn't happen if you don't first try to delete something from the Companies list thru the right click.  Once you've tried the right click deletion from the Companies list first, every other deletion attempted from the Company form will first display the erroneous "Deleted!" message.

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Thank you for reporting that scenario. Although we do try to test things, your particular sequence of steps is one that we apparently didn't try out.
We presented the custom dialog for deleting Companies via the form to offer users an alternative to the standard, less than friendly, behavior. However, this is a different path that wasn't predicted during testing, showing the difficulty inherent in creating and fully testing an application.