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Non-Repeating random between per unique ID

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Per this solution (here), can it be brought into Access... The memory Limit of the machine means I cannot run the macro in Excel. It works on a limited number of records. 


Basically, for each line where the trans_id is the same, I need a non-repeating random number between 1 and 25 (e.g. 1000129 would have 4 unique numbers between 1 and 25).





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What part would you like help with? You've stated a requirement. Is it your plan to have some create a VBA function for you, or propose a SQL solution?

@George Hepworth Hey, thanks for the response. I would take either, really. If there is a for each SQL statement that works, that would be fine and less coding to deal with. 





For starters, see how well the ranking queries explained here can handle your requirement.


here is a demo db.

open form1.

on design view, see the Code on the Click event of the button.

also see modRandBetween.