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Since moving to Office 365 under Windows 10 I have run into a couple of major issues with Access.

The database is split with both the ptabs.mdb and ptabs_be.mdb in the same folder on the D:\ drive.

The database will open ONLY in exclusive mode. Because of this, I am unable to run a mail merge.

There is also a second issue: If I try to open to db by clicking of the db file (as via a shortcut), it takes almost half a minute to open. If I open Access first and then open the file, it opens immediately.

What have I missed or what do I need to change???


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When you say this mdb will open only in exclusive mode, I assume you mean that when one person has opened it to work, subsequent users can not open it?

@George Hepworth There are no network users. The database was split a long time ago when the application was created for a client with multiple users. I just left it split as I could never figure out how to reintegrate the two.

The issue manifests itself with the Word Merge option which reports the exclusive mode:

"The Mail Merge Wizard cannot continue because the database is in exclusive mode."

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You could try if this helps:
File - Options - Client Settings - Advanced - Default open mode
Change the option from Exclusive to Shared.



Servus Karl, und danke schoen!

This change did resolve the mail merge issue as described. I have no idea how or why this setting was changed. I KNOW that I did not do this!

However, the merge itself (one record) is taking over half a minute to execute on an otherwise very fast machine (i9 processor, SSD drive for applications and a high-speed hard disk for data and 32GB of RAM)

Also, as mentioned in the original post, the application is very slow to start if I try to open the db directly. Any thoughts on that one??