New to MS Access please help

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Hello everyone ,trying to make a POS cashing form

(I have a database table). I have 3 fields (UPC,UPC1,UPC2) in the table with different codes. I would like to create a form that contains a text box and a list box when I input a code into text box , it will automatically search in UPC then UPC1 then UPC2 until getting the match record and input that one into list box Thank you so much for your time

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I'm afraid I'm still not clear as to what your question is?

Also, instead of reinventing the wheel, have you done any searching for existing POS databases that you can simply start from? Such as


I think Daniel's advice is the most appropriate. Don't start over with a new effort from scratch. Find an existing application that does what you need and later, if you decide it's not adequate, then you can start designing a custom relational database application from a position of knowledge.


That said, the problem you describe is the result of an inappropriate table design--which is a very common mistake made by people new to using relational database application development software like Access.


Three fields in a table called, "UPC,UPC1,UPC2"  are what is often called a Spreadsheet Style table. It comes from trying to create an Access table in the same way you would an Excel spreadsheet. It's called a "Repeating Group". Many, many people make this mistake so don't feel bad about that, but do invest enough time in learning how relational database applications work, and how they should be designed. 

Later, when you've had enough experience with a properly designed POS system, you can start over designing your own more valid relational database application and get a useful result. After all, your objective is, I assume, running a business, not becoming a database developer.



Thank you so much 

You just give me a good idea to improve my knowledge and my business .