Need Help - creating a Database - Problem finding Information regarding Access Modules

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Hello Access community 

Can someone help me I need to create a database with the following characteristics

You will create an Access School Management System Database that can be used to store, retrieve update and delete the staff/student.

Design an Access database to maintain information about school staff and students satisfying the following properties:

1. The staff should have the following: ID#, name, and classes they are teaching

2. The student should have the following: ID#, name, section, class

3. Create a module containing the section, subject and teacher information

4. Create a module containing student fee information

5. Create a module containing the instructors salary

6. Create a module with the classroom assignments (be mindful that each class/lab should not have the same information as another class)

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What you have descried needs a complete database,, not only needs a Tables but others too,, needs a good understanding,, if you want me to develop the complete module you need to hire me or any other professional.

This sounds very much like a school assignment. We're are more than happy to help, but we will not do your work. If you have particular question, we will do our best to help you understand and resolve the issue, so feel free to ask your specific question

If you want someone to do your work, then you'll have to hire someone, although most professional developers would not do someone's school assignment.



Given that this is highly likely to be a school assignment, the only way to use that opportunity to learn is to actually invest the time and effort needed to learn.


As Daniel said, many people are happy to answer questions, specific questions, about specific issues that are challenging you. No respectable developer would, in good conscience, want to rob you of the chance to learn by offering to do the work on your behalf.