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I am trying to develop an MS Acces database for a company.

The company rent's boxes to customers. Every box has a box number. The company wants to register which boxes will return with delay. Therefor the following data will be registered: order number, box numbers, delivery date and return date.

In order to fill in the data, i am trying to create a form. I want the form to have 4 fill in cells. cell 1: order number, cell 2: box numbers, cell 3: delivery date and cell 4: return date.

My question is: If for example 5 boxes are rented to 1 customer, is it possible to fill in multiple box numbers in just 1 form cell in such a way that all the box numbers are registered in different cells in the database.

If someone has a solution for this that would be really great!

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@Dimitri1220 "Registering" in a single text box is a recipe for missed a made a typo...whatever.

Mark each and every box individually and use a combobox in a continuous subform to mark each and every box you rent.

Hello @tsgiannis,


Thank you for your reply!


I am pretty new to Acces so I had to research your suggestion. Creating a combobox on a continues subform is definitely something I will use for this assignment. Thank you for pointing me in that direction!

I am however, still struggling with something: (it could also be that I did not understand your reply correctly).


I am trying to make a database in which an order number, multiple box numbers, the delivery date and the return date are registered. In practice I am trying to create the following process: A worker will open access and open the form. He will then fill in the order number in the first textbox. After that the worker has to fill in multiple box numbers. And after that he has to fill in the delivery date. (the return date is still unknown at that moment). 


An important factor, is that all box numbers are registered in a separate textbox in the database. So what I am trying to make is a form, in which a worker can type a box number, then press enter and then type another box number in the same textbox. So that after the worker has registered al box numbers, he can then fill in the delivery date. (maybe good to mention is, that the boxes that are rented are large and are located at different location in the warehouse, therefore the worker will walk to all the boxes that are rented to 1 customer and use a portable scanner to get the box numbers in acces.)


I also enclosed two photos. 1 of how I want the database to look after the data is filled in via the form. And 1 photo on how I want the form to look. 


I hope this explanation is clear enough for you to be able to help me.


If you have any ideas on how I can create this, or have any alternative ideas I would be very very thankfull!


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@Dimitri1220 Since my description left some "dark areas" here some pics for explaining


1st set Table Design


2nd a view to the form/subform



@tsgiannisthank you very much!