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Hello Access community! 

I hope you are doing well, I have this report where someone else made the program using access and he is no longer with us, I have this field as shown in the picture below:

where I am trying to find the calculations that is turning that out.


and when I look at it in the control source it is this buy cost that is there as well so now am not sure where the calculations of this is stored.


this is an expression builder and am a msaccess noob so I dont know how to figure it out, help would be appreciated it!

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What is problem with this control. Calculation is inside query and you are seeing just field name. Are you getting any error? Go to report data source then find the query name. See Query design view or SQL view for details of query definition.
It looks like it is not a calculated field on the report. So there is no expression. The field comes directly from the recordsource of the report.

sorry if this is a noob question to your answer as I dont know anything about access, I am trying to find the calculations that the previous guy used there in that field 


is this where you meant? because I cant find it here either

is there a way to find that record source? I look at the excel that is being uploaded for this report and it does not have that field in the excel so it must be calculated somewhere right?


I found the query but no luck here either 

Please help us help you. Show us the SQL from the query.
Can you upload a copy of your database?