MS forms 2.0 being disabled after windows updates on Win 10.

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After installing one of the many Windows Update On Windows 10 controls on Microsoft Forms 2.0 are disabled and ActiveX control is disabled. Error message 2926 points to settings in the Local security Policy. Please help me enable control and ActiveX MS Forms 2.0 because I lost a month of work due to Microsoft settings.

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Just to be clear on the problem. Are you using Microsoft Forms 2.0 in Access or in Excel or in some other way? Same for the ActiveX controls.


I use MS Access, more precisely MS Access 2007 due to various requirements related to previous OS systems that are still used by many users.



Ah, Access 2007 is pretty old in software terms. But having to deal with legacy applications does impose certain limitations.


One thing to check is whether you can find and add it as a reference in the VBE.

See if you can find the FM20.dll on your computer, then add it as a reference to the accdb where you need it.

Unfortunately, I have almost no experience with ActiveX controls.

Dear Georg, FM 2.0 has been referenced in VBE for more than 15 years in the application and recently after downloading a windows update, the mentioned problem arose. Everything worked perfectly until the Windows 10 update was installed. We also tried reinstalling Windows 10 and the same thing happened. Everything worked until Windows downloaded an update, there was a problem with FM.2.0 and controls related to FM 2.0. It is clear that it is up to some Update. Microsoft has disabled FM 2.0 and has left no documentation on how to enable it if we need it.
So it's already set as a reference. Perhaps you can find more information relative to Forms 2.0 by searching for that term.

It may be possible to de-register and then re-register the dll. Search for articles on registering dll's.
You didn't specify which ActiveX control you have which is now not responding. Hard to know what that problem would be.

Actually, I'm wondering again. You are developing with Access 2007 yourself, correct?

Dear Georg,
1. Actual controls are Image as frame in which a set of images are used in various events, and there is no equivalent in the classic MS Access form, as well as the spin button. Both controls are part of MS Forms 2.0.
2. Yes, it is an information system, not a single program. Everything is done in MS Access 2007 and it is very difficult to replace something in the system, let alone the whole system. So I need help on how to re-enable controls and FM 2.0. using the Registry database or by setting in Windows security polices or by uninstalling certain Windows updates.

PS: It would be good if someone directly from Microsoft could help, because this is one of the Updates made by Microsoft itself, which created the problem. The irony is that I advised users to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Unfortunately, that's not an area I feel competent to dive into. If you do a search on registering dlls, you should find resources on that.