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Greetings group,


I need some assistance in MS Access Report


I'm trying to create a letter report in Access using text boxes bonded to a Query and additional data as sample:


=Trim([FirstName] & ", " & [LastName]) + “a” &( [Title]) +”is requesting ”& ([Hours]) +” hours of An Advance of Time”


but i don't know how i can properly do the expression so i can include the text in an unbound text field ( combination of text from a query and added text that doesn't change)


on the attached document is the design view of the report and the report that i'm trying to do ( as sample the first paragraph all the information together but will change the name, title and amount of hours)


Thank you,

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Unable to read the content in attached file,,, better take a screen shot & save as PNG/JPEG file & then Share with us!!
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I can see the picture of your report preview but it doesn't tell me anything about what you are trying to accomplish. As a general rule: If you want to concatenate strings don't use the plus sign + but always the ampersand & . Otherwise Access thinks you want to calculate with numeric values e.g. in your "Hours" field. So your expression could look like this:


= Trim([FirstName] & ", " & [LastName]) & " a " & [Title] & " is requesting " & [Hours] & " hours of An Advance of Time"


If that doesn't work try a step by step approach. Test only with the first part of the expression, then the next until you get a problem. Then post your current test expression and the error message and symptoms.



Thank you so much Karl for your assistance, yes I did it one step at a time and it worked this will be the formula: =([FirstName] & " " & [LastName] & " ,a " & [Title] & ", is requesting " & [Hours] & " hours of an Advance of Time.")