MS Access report details section not printing labels on new page.

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I have an access report that contains four sub-reports in the detail section. At the bottom of the detail section, there is a signature block. The "signature block" is plain text made from a "label" control and is placed about an inch below the last sub-report. All sub-reports are formatted to a zero height and are able to grow/shrink. When Sub-report data is displayed on a second page, the signature block is printed. Only when the sub-report takes all of the first page, but none of a second page, is the signature block unprinted.


Would anyone know how to address this issue? Ideally the signature block would not be orphaned on a second page, but would also have a few lines of the sub-report.



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@Andrew789 One of the hardest kinds of trouble-shooting, IMO, has to do with Access reports, and especially so since we have no visibility to them other than what is posted in a question.


I would suggest you look at a couple of things to try to control placement of this control.

First, you do have certain properties that may help. Look at the Keep Together property, for example, or Force New Page.



In addition, since this is a single control, perhaps you could move it to a different section (page footer, for example) and ensure that it prints where you want it that way.