MS Access RecordSet Not Closing

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Suddenly today MS Access is not closing instances of a recordset. If I open a recordset (using vba) and then set it to nothing, when I close ms access there are multiple instances of MS Access open that aren't closing.  I created a basic database subrountine that does only this and the issue still persist. My code is below. I have reinstalled MS Professional twice already as well as rebooted and compact and repaired. 


Public Sub WTF()

Dim rs As Recordset
Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset( "SELECT * FROM Table1")
Do While Not rs.EOF
 MsgBox rs!Value1
Set rs = Nothing
End Sub

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It's possible you've acquired the most recent bug from Windows updates. Check this site and this site to see if the descriptions fit what you are experiencing. Also check for the workarounds in the discussions.