MS Access raises an error: System Resources Exceeded

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Hi all,

MSAccess raises an error: "System Resources Exceeded" while an import data process of a large dataset runs on a cloud single-core Microsoft Server 2016 Datacenter with 10GB RAM.

We are using Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise. 


We have been struggling to resolve this error for a long time.

We have created a process that breaks down the dataset into smaller queries to reduce the amount of data that are imported per transaction. This does not seem to work.

We have tried the import using both 32bit and 64bit office and it did not work.

We have tried increasing the RAM up to 15GB and it did not work.

However, when we change the processor configuration from a Single core to Two core the process is completed successfully. The required system memory is only 4GB.

The issue is that we can not ask our clients to change their configuration to 2 CPU in order to run our application.

We would like to ask for your help to resolve this issue. We need to know if there is something that can be done to overcome this error in a single core system.


Thank you



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