MS Access - how to send a report from MS Access via OutLook

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I am new to MS Access, 

I have inherited a database where we maintain non-conformances.  A form/report is filled out, and saved to the database.  

What I am looking to do is send this report to others in my organization via Outlook.  

How do I do this? 


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You can write VBA function that will automate Outlook and send your email with the attached report. 

That said, it's something closer to the advanced end of the scale than the beginner end. How much experience do you have working with VBA?

Thank you George for the reply, greatly appreciate it. 

Though I just completed training from New Horizons on MS Access, Part 1 & 2, not much was discussed on the VBA process.  Other than this training, I have never worked with Access before. 


I inherited this database upon joining my recent employer.  The IT dept. was managing this, but they are no longer providing support, stating that it is an old system that will soon be replaced by something else....

Do you know if there are any "Add-On's" I should have to allow me to export to Outlook and send email notifications? 


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There are no add-ons. It will have to be done via VBA, but the good news is that VBA is fairly easy to learn and quite powerful. I have code somewhere that does emailing, but I'm not sure how easy it will be for you to adapt it to YOUR environment without some level of experience.

I think the best example I know of this this one on Daniel Pineault's website.