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Hello All, we are running an Access DB that includes filters to help sort through the data.  Because of tech-refresh limitations we have two different type of workstations.  The filters work fine on the older workstations but users get a VBA debug error on the newest workstations.  Both workstations are running the same version of Office with the same features enabled.  All MS Access options, code, etc. is the same on both workstations


Any ideas what could be causing this error?  Thank you in advance for any insight you may provide.



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The first thing that comes to mind is bitness. When you say that the version of Office is the same on both, I assume you refer to something like Office 2019. However, if the newer workstations were recently set up, it is possible that they were set up with the 64 bit version as opposed to the 32 bit version. One reason that could happen is that MS changed the default to 64 bit, so people would get that bitness without realizing it.



To help focus better on possible reasons for the problem and approaches to solving it, we should see the actual error message. Can you get a screen shot and post it here?



GM George, @George Hepworth 

Thank you for your response.  Please see attached screenshot document.  The code is exactly the same on both systems. 

64 bit windows 10 OS

Office Professional Plus 2016

The differences are one workstation is a Lenovo ThinkPad running SDC 5.7 (works) and the other is a Dell Precision running SDC 10.1909.  

I have put in a ticket with the AF SDC support but am still waiting for their response.


Did you also confirm that they are both the same Bitness, 32 or 64?


That looks more like a missing reference.


Open the VBE and click on Tools-->References. Are any of them flagged as "Missing"?



Yours will, of course, have different references, depending on which ones your relational database application uses. We are interested in those that are "Missing" on the computers that error out, but which are okay on the other computers.

YES!  @George Hepworth 

That was exactly the issue.  I copied and pasted the missing *.dll file and ...poof... the filters worked.

Thank you George!

Congratulations on solving the problem.

Continued success with your project.
We are restricted by AF standards to use Office 32 bit.