Ms Access cannot edit the data in a query with two table source

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Can anybody help me what to do on my Access form. My form data source is a query with two tables. Initially, I can edit my data in a form with 1 table source but when I added another table with 1 to 1 relationship, it did not allow me to edit. I've already set the  RecordsetType property of the form into Dynaset(Inconsistent Updates) but still it doesn't work. Hope can anyone help me to resolve it. Thank you in advance.

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1=1 relationship?
you can just combine it into 1 table if that is the case.
also try to make the other Pk an FK.
Hi arnel_gp,

To simplify, I just combine the 2 tables into 1.
Thank you!:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
There are circumstances where results of a query cannot be edited, typically because Access doesn't know which row is being edited. This may be informative - but when it says "three or more tables" that is misleading because it is possible to design a query on one table that cannot be edited: