Ms Access, after opening the database with the /decompile key, leaves the database in exclusive mode

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For many years I have been running the Ms Access database with the /decompile key and it remained in multi-user mode after decompilation (I did not close the database). But a week ago, about after updating the program, the problem started.
Ms Access, after opening the database with the /decompile key, leaves the database in exclusive mode. Now I can't even back up an open database.
I understand that I can close the database and open it again, but I would like to avoid this
Office 2013, Windows 10, Access database format 2007-2013
I believe that this is an introduced error that needs to be corrected
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This is almost certainly due to a flawed Windows security update that was released last Tuesday (14 Dec). Remarkably MS acknowledged the bug the next day and released a fix just two days later. Whilst it would have been far better to have done thorough testing and avoided the issue, the speed of response was very impressive.


Anyway, you can find out more here including how to get the fix


BTW Although I also use the /decompile switch whenever necessary to fix issues during development and before deployment, I personally wouldn't use it each time the database is opened by end users. What benefit is there as end users shouldn't be able to edit code.

@isladogs Thanks for the reply. I was waiting for the next MS Office update to decide if it would help. A security update came out today and I installed it (screenshot attached to the message)
Now the situation is like this: when I open the database on the way like D:\BZD \... - no problem, other programs have access to the database file
But when I open the database by the path type \\COMPNAME\BZD\..., then it is blocked and there is no access for other programs to it
After installing the updates, I restarted the computer, removed the path \\COMPNAME\BZD\ and re-created it (write access for EVERYONE)
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Yes, after the initial fixes there are still problems with network paths. One of them has been admitted by Microsoft in the "Note" of the support article, but it isn't just DFS paths.


New information in the article and fixes for some of the network paths problems should follow. However, until that details are not clear and the only solutions to get rid of the problem is to uninstall the causing security updates, which of course isn't possible everywhere. See also: Information about the ability to uninstall Office


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