MS Access 2016 database is opening longer after Windows update

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I'm running MS Access 2016 database from shared disk that is opening from two computers in the network. After installation of the latest Windows 10 update v. 2004 ( the opening database from one computer takes about 10 seconds and also some operations like opening forms sometime takes 4-5 seconds.

Also re-running the query sometimes fails with error 3420 (Object Invalid or No Longer Set). When the update is uninstalled then everything is running fine as before.

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Are you running the queries through VBA or through the GUI by simply double-clicking on them?

Is the database split?
Each user has their own copy of the front-end locate locally on their PC?
Linked tables are married using UNC or IP and not mapped drive?
When was the last time the databases (back-end and front-end) were compacted?
What is your current build number, bitness and update channel?
Have you tried updating our reverting your Office installation?