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Moved old Access DB to latest Access and small issue

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I have an Access DB that we use to store client info. On older versions of Access when I looked up a client, some of the client info would automatically populate when I tabbed out of the client ID box. 


With the new version the auto-populating stopped. Is there something in the new versions of Access that handles things differently?


I'm not really sure where to start. I don't see any macros or vb script. I'm guessing the info was pulled using DlookUp. So I tried dlookup and when I add that I am unable to save in design view so I have no way of testing it. 

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ID box is a combobox?
First, where does this "client ID box" appear? Are you referring to a form?
If there is no VBA (script is a very different thing, btw) or macro, that may actually be the problem, but without seeing the object in question (i.e. the form) we have to guess a bit.

Let's start with the initial bit of information needed. Is this on a form? Harun's question is next. Then we need to know where and how this additional client info would be. Is that other controls on a form?

@Harun24HR The ID box is a text input field. This is what I made but won't save, and doesn't seem have a syntax error.


=DLookUp("Space #","Parking Space","Unit #=" & "Unit #")


Unit # is the apartment we used to enter and hit tab.

Parking Space is the table that the Space # comes from referenced to the Unit #

I think there used to be a macro and it was deleted. I've looked everything in the database. It's full of personal info so I can't really post it. I replied back to Harun's response with my DLookup.

On the form there's a text input called Unit #. We enter in a number which corresponds to a parking spot assignment in another table. That parking spot would then auto populate in another text box on the form.
I've said it so many times I'm sick of it, but I will say it one more time: do not use spaces or other funny characters in object names. They may cause notational difficulties.
As they do in your case. Your DLookup statement needs [some work].
I know, there are spaces and special characters in everything in this database. It's not good.