Microsoft updates?

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I am trying to manage a simple setup. One server and two PC's. At start of day the two PC's download the same .accdb file from the server and start it. They both access the same .mdb file on the server. So they should (and normally do) see identical screens. This morning one of the forms on one of the PC's is different - the scroll bars on a sub-form have disappeared.

The setup is all Office 2016. On the (now failing) PC I can find no trace of any Office updates - the last Windows updates (WIndows 10 64-bit) were applied 23rd November.

Anyone suggest something? _ Desperate times!!!!!

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There is a Windows setting that hides scroll bars in some situations.  See if this is related to your problem.



Thanks, I'll have a check this evening, when I can access the system. I am a bit doubtful as it was working correctly "last week" and the user doesn't "tinker" with such things. But always worth a check.

@TOPSie  It's Windows. Things happen. :sad: