Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Access

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I want to migrate an Access database to SQL Server using Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Access.  When I get to the download page for SSMA there are two selections: SSMAforAccess_8.21.0.msi and SSMAforAccess_8.21.0_x86.msi .   What is the difference between these two?


Also my computer is 64 bit.  Can I use either of the two above?

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No. Although it isn't clear from the download page, you need the 64-bit version
The x86 file is for 32-bit Access only. Although it installs OK, it doesn't work correctly with 64-bit Access as I found out recently
Is the SSMAforAccess_8.21.0.msi the 64bit version?



If you have 64 bit Office, you need the 64 bit version of SSMA. If you have 32 bit Office, you need the 32 bit version of SSMA. The Windows version is not the determining factor. Nowadays, almost all Windows computer have the 64 bit version, I suppose. But you are downloading an application that must be compatible with OFFICE on your computer.

I do have the 64 bit Office.
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Sorry I wasn't clear. You need the msi version without the x86 in the filename