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I had developed a program concerning Laboratory Product Development  in Access database and Visual basic  in the year 2000.                                            At present I am working with Windows 11 operating system  but the program does not open.        I would be obliged if you could advice me on how to start the program.

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How are you trying to start the application?

What does happen? Nothing? Errors? Something else?

Where is the accdb located? On your local computer, or in a folder on a network?



You can try converting your db to Newer Access version.
there are some "references" (vba) that might go "missing" when opening old db to newer Office.



would you know of any Microsoft partner software developers in the Cyprus Houston area whom I could refer and take advice.  Thanking you

Kind Attention:
Im opening the Access database from a computer laptop file folder. It does not open and gives message:
" microsoft access
Cannot open a database created with a previous version of your application."
sorry, I dont.
you can try uploading your db here or on Dropbox/Onedrive/Google drive, and I will try to convert it for you.
The program was originally in Fortran on a PDP 11 Computer. Later it was converted to Access Data base in the year 2000.
The program concerns Research and Development for the Paint and Coating Laboratory and allied industries.
At present it does not start in windows 11 laptop.
Kindly give detailed advice.
I would be obliged if a personnel from Microsoft would have a look at the program.
It's an mdb then. It is probably in A2000 format. It can be converted to an accdb format that will run under a more recent version of Access. It might take some additional modifications once that's done.

Arnel offered to do that for you.

Microsoft will not take on the task of modifying your mdb files. That's sort of like asking the Toyota factory to repaint your 21 year old Corolla. They're not in that business. They sell the product. You maintain it once you have it. Let Arnel take a look.
Thankyou for your reply.
I would be obliged if Arnel would give me step by step instructions in updating the database.



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You'll have to open it in an older version, probably A2003. Then convert and it to the next version mdb. Then you can open that converted mdb again in a later version, such as A2007 or A2010 and convert it to the accdb format. Or, if it can be opened as an mdb and used "as is" with the newer version of Access, that last step would be useful, but not required. The point is that you must have the full Access version that can still open the old mdb format and convert it. I have it. Arnel has it and has offered to do it. I get that you might not want to just give the mdb to someone, so if you do follow up, you should negotiate a confidentiality agreement with him. I would do the same, but he offered first.
Thankyou again George for your reply. I would certainly like to have it completed by a confidentiality agreement, if it could be completed I would be very happy. I actually live in Mumbai India and visiting Houston.
Houston has a Microsoft office. I would be very obliged if a technical support expert would help me with the program. I would personally visit the office personnel who would be having all resources in order to activate the program.
Or would you be informed of any expert residing in Houston whom I could visit.
I would like to understand its working.