Microsoft Access "No More Memory"

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I use my Access 365 to have all the Names of All my Music, CDs, DVDs and so on. But now it tells me "No more Memory" It is on 89.9 MB. Can I Extend th Capacity or how can I get Access to Access again? I had the Problem some Months ago, but at that Time suddenly not a Problem more. What can I do? Hope to get an Answer I can use. Ole, Odense, Denmark.

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I don't know the structure of your database, but when you have all your Music and DVD's in one (big) table, maybe it's possible to split it in separate (smaller) tables and see if that makes a difference.


@OleRJ Can you be more precise about exactly when and how the error "No more memory" is raised?

Unfortunately, that can be related to more than one possible problem, so diagnosing it requires more details. Is this, for example, related to RAM? I suspect it is, but let's be sure we're on the same page.


"It is on 89.9 MB" is a bit ambiguous. Is that the size of your accdb file itself? If so, that's really quite small relatively speaking. 


@George Hepworth 


89.9 MB is for the Whole Access File.

@OleRJ Okay, then.


We can eliminate the file size as an issue. 89.9 MB is VERY small for a production Access relational database application file (accdb).


This problem appears, therefore, to be related to RAM. How much do you have installed?

While it is hard to diagnose such things from a distance, we know that certain kinds of operations can consume all available resources. When does this happen? For example, does it occur when running an update, append or delete query? 


1st Perform Compact & Repair

2nd if doesn't get your issues resolved the try to Decompile your application

3rd if nothing of the above works then create  a new blank database and copy everything to should get things resolved.

If again you hit  a brick wall ,there is a small chance a background operation is blocking Access so take a good look on what you have running and try to disable them to see if this helps.