Microsoft Access Giving error, File is already in use ,if access by more than people on shared netwo

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Hi My name is Varun , happy new to everyone, 

I came across a issue with the Microsoft access  Giving Error Cannot access the a file which is on shared drive, it can only work for one person at a time. if someone else try to use it says file is already in use.

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This bug, introduced in the December Windows Update., has been widely reported and discussed.

The best summary and discussion of the fixes is probably found here.



Make sure you're up to date with the latest patches. If you're using 2016 or 2013 the KB needs to installed manually for now.

Im not 100% sure but I think the Hotfix which was released will be included in the next round of patches this month.



@AdminVD i have started new in it support, is there any proper instruction to roll back the updates

Daniel covers all of that in the linked article in my post above. Rather than re-hash it, it's probably best to read the comprehensive discussion there.
hi i was able to resolve the issue but moving office back to previous update to 13801.21050, now users can use access parallel, but Microsoft still has to fix the new patch which is creating a problem?
Thanks for help!!!!!



Based on your question on another forum, I infer that your group may also be trying to use a single accdb stored in a network location. If that is the case, then you will, no doubt, continue to experience problems with or without the fix to this particular bug.

To be shared safely, an Access relational database application must be split into two components:

An accdb containing ONLY the tables.

An accdb containing the interface objects such as forms, reports and VBA, along with the queries.


The accdb containing tables, commonly referred to as the "Back End" or BE, is stored on a network location where it can be shared by all users.


The master copy of accdb containing the interface objects, commonly referred to as the "Front End" or FE, is stored safely in a location only the developer can reach. COPIES of the FE are placed on the computers of all users--each user gets their own copy.

All FEs link to the tables in the BE.


This is the only proper method of sharing an Access relational database application among a group of two or more users.