Microsoft 365 Family have Access for PC

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I have read that Access (PC only) was added to Microsoft 365 Family in about 2017. When I reference the package details for Microsoft 365 Family it isn’t in the list of Apps. Please confirm whether it is included or not. If so, is it the version that supports .accdb files?

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Go to this page. Scroll to the bottom. You'll see Access listed.


Yes, it supports .accdb files. The older file format, .mdb, was used up until 2007. It's been .accdb since then.

Thank you. A friend copied a .accdb file from a 2007 version of Access. When I tried to load it and use it with my very recent version of Access, it showed errors. I followed an error message path and it converted the file to .mdb. The errors disappeared. Do you have any idea why that happened?
None. We'd have to know a good deal more about the original acdb, the specific errors, and what you did to convert it.