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I am a new user, taking a class to learn Access.  I cannot find the command button that looks like a rectangle with 4 X's in it.  Can someone please walk me thru this or help me find the button?


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Is there anyone out there whom can help be with Access Windows 11??


Is this what you are after?






Yes, that is what I was looking for, but I found out that they changed the appearance in the new Windows 11.  It no longer has the 4 X's inside.  It is now blank and just says button on the tip that pops up. 


Thank you so much for your response.  I appreciate it



Gack. I will postpone installing Win11 as long as I possibly can. There is plenty of time for MS to work out the bugs in the initial release....
like always there is bug, so there will be patches and updates.
that's normal to software life cycle.
so don't delay savor this new version.


I'll let the pioneers go ahead while I follow along at a more sedate and tranquil pace.

To be clear, anyone who relies on their computer for day-to-day production work needs to be less adventurous.


The recent bug that has caused so much havoc with Access users around the world should be a cautionary notice for everyone. Yes, bugs do happen. But why open your day-to-day production up to greater risks just to experience "the newest and flashiest"? 


the op is but a student of access? is win 10 old or new? does it continually get update and why. because it has bug. therefore whether you choose to stay on jurassic win 10, it has bug and will get updated with another bug. also win 11 is based on win 10 (just new ui).



I'm completely with George here. In my case it also includes the Office/Access versions. I have a lot of clients and the ones with versions out of support (mostly 2010) have had the least problems with the shopstopping update bugs in the last years. Personally I mostly use 2010 for development work and have the latest 365 version only in Hyper-V.


Windows 11 has introduced at least one new problem for many Access/Office users with its "feature" of the new MSIX format of Paint that disabled its OLE server functionality.


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It's possible to generalize from the specific (this question posted by this OP) to the general (all kinds of organizations running Windows 10 on their computers). If one person sees the beauty of having the latest, greatest version of Windows and wants to expose themselves to it, fine. That does not make the case that the larger group of organizations who depend on their Access relational database applications should do so as well.

I have been around long enough to remember installing the very first version of Windows on a DOS PC. That was even before Windows 3.0 (i.e. the third iteration) finally worked well enough to become a standard operating system. Talk about Jurassic! That, sir, is Jurrasic.  


Whether Windows 10 has more bugs, or whether Windows 11 has more bugs remains to be seen. I'm patient. I'm old, but patient.