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Maximum Number of Forms/Reports in Access

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I now have 7,175 forms or reports in an Access application.  What is the maximum number assuming that I don't hit the 2Gb limit for a database?  Do text-to-speech modules count?  Do hyperlinks to music and videos on the internet count?  Do buttons on forms count?

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Thanks @arnel_gp.  The problem is that this article does not define the term 'object', which in some books call them almost everything in an Access database.  If Microsoft defines an object as forms, tables, queries, command buttons, and images then I exceeded the 32K limit years ago.   


i think the Object there means the Object you see in the Navigation Pane (tables, forms, reports, queries, macro, modules).

while there are Objects (controls) on a Form/Report, that is another thing.

i suspect more or less 700 controls can be in a form/report.

also there are proc/functions inside a module, so there is also a limit as to how many modules or sub

you can make.

Thanks, Arnel_gp.
That explains it perfectly.