Marking Boxes that have been returned

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to develop an MS Access database for a company.

The company rent's boxes to customers. Every box has a box number. The company wants to build a track and trace tool in Access to see which boxes are rented and which boxes are not. Also the duration of the rental period is important. Therefor the following data will be registered: order number, box numbers, delivery date and return date.

I am trying to create an automatic mark process for the boxes that have been returned. In practice I am trying to create the following:

- A box is rented to a customer.
- The order number, box number and delivery date are registered in a table and filled in via a form.
- A box comes back and the box number and the return date are registered in a table via a form.
- Now I want Access to recognize the box number that has come back and mark it in the table. (so for example make the record green or simply set the value of a specific field to YES).

The goal of this, is that when you open the table, you very easily can check which boxes have been returned and which boxes still need to be returned.

If someone has a solution for this that would be really great!

Kind regards,
Dimitri Diboune

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Are you familiar with VBA code? If you are you could easily grab the information that is entered in the form when the box is returned and make any changes that you need in another table or form.