Losing data when sharing a file

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An MS ACCESS file is being shared between myself and another party on a network via uploading and downloading. I have been using this upload/download procedure with 2 other ACCESS database files, (different users on the other end), and it remains effective with those exchanges. A few days ago, the database being shared with the party of concern began losing all entered data they entered. I had originally thought the data was somehow being lost during the transfer process. Now I realize the data is lost on their end simply by closing and opening the database. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you... Pete

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if you close the db while it is uploading/downloading data, truely that is the cause of the problem.
is the transfer over local/premise network?
if so, you can google "Persistent Connection on MS Access", so you can make the transfer a little bit faster.
Next you must add a guard to your upload/download process to validate the user action of closing the db, while the process is on going.
you can create a simple Notification form, that states the Status of the "Critical" process, thereby discourage users from closing the db.



While there are a number of possible explanations for this problem, we can only speculate given the fact that we have to visibility to the other user's computer.

In addition to the possibility already suggested, it could be something like that other user "thinking" they are using the same accdb, but really using a different one. For example, if Access crashes and creates a backup copy, that user could inadvertently be using that backup and only seeing the missing data when sending the original to you. Unfortunately, that is also only one possible scenario.


Your task is to work closely with your colleague, perhaps through a remote desktop session using an application like TeamViewer, to trace what is really going on.


Unfortunately, we are at an even greater disadvantage without the full context of the situation available.

Thank you both!  I am working on a solution that may work out... still in process, but I wanted to thank you both for taking the time to support...  Pete

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