Lookup Wizard for Multiple Columns

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Hi all, I've been using Access for less than a month and have a school project to finish.


I have to make two tables for this database. One has a list of books along with author and ISBN while the other table is of discarded books, selected from Lookup Wizard from the original books table.


In the discarded books table, I want to be able to select a book title from Lookup Wizard and then have the corresponding ISBN and author show up as well rather than having to look them up individually. SInce I'm pretty new, I don't know how to do this, though I'm pretty sure it can be done.


How would I do this?

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As its a school project, I'm going to give you direct hints rather than a detailed solution.
However, from your description, it sounds like the discarded books will be listed in both tables.
Doing that is duplication of data and poor practice in database design. Based on your description, only one table is needed

Identify your discarded books by adding a Yes/No (boolean) field and call it Discarded. Tick the checkbox for discarded books.

Create a query to show a list of book titles, authors and ISBN values for all books where Discarded=True