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limitations of using a split access database on onedrive

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What are the limitations of using a split access database with the backend loaded to oneDrive?


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Okay, a fuller answer might be useful.

Here's a link to a very good explanation

Rather than rehash it again, I'll recommend Daniel's article which explains it all.

That said, if you are looking to get around the recommendation by putting only the back end on OneDrive, the arguments against that are pretty much the same. You are risking data loss and data corruption. It's not guaranteed to happen, but it's significantly more likely to happen. If your data is worth putting into a relational database application, then it's also worth protecting as much as possible.


Here's what Microsoft has to say on the subject. I highlighted the relevant sentences.

Warning    Although you can save an Access database file to OneDrive or a SharePoint document library, we recommend that you avoid opening an Access database from these locations. The file may be downloaded locally for editing and then uploaded again once you save your changes to SharePoint. If more than one person opens the Access database from SharePoint, multiple copies of the database may get created and some unexpected behaviors may occur. This recommendation applies to all types of Access files including a single database, a split database, and the .accdb, .accdc, .accde, and .accdr file formats. For more information on deploying Access, see Deploy an Access application.