JPG images (converted from HAIC format by Photos app) on Access form do not display (Error 2245)

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Hello all

This is my fist time posting on this forum. I was sent here my Microsoft support who could not help me with my problem. I could not find any topics on this subject on this forum so have started a new discussion.

In my Access 2019 database I use lots of JPG images in forms and reports. These all display correctly and there are genereally no issues.

Recently I received some JPG images that were in the new Apple HAIC format. I searched online on how to convert them and the instructions were that you could convert them using Microsoft Photos app. This was correct and I successfully converted the HAIC images using the Photos app to JPG format.

However, when I linked these JPG images into my Access database, they did not display on forms or reports. Instead I received an Error 2245.

Is there an issue with using JPG images converted by Photos app in Access?

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Thanks for your response.

I already have this installed and am able to read HEIC format files. However, Access cannot read HAIC files. Therefore I converted it to JPG using Photos. It is these JPG files Acces is not unable to read.




Can you share one of these images to experiment with?

Thanks George
Yes, I can. I can attach the original and the converted jpg, but not sure how I can do this in this forum. The insert Photos option does not seem to work... sorry new here...


OK, worked it out :)

Here are the links

HEIC image:!AuLbF6yK_DMMecjYs8wZpHczIGs?e=ZXdkTj

JPG image:!AuLbF6yK_DMMehlG56XGFu7SoFU?e=QDmeDn




Interestingly, when I open the jpg in the browser, it looks fine. I see a butterfly or moth (not an expert). When I download it and open it on the desktop using IrfanView, it's a black square.

When I try to open the HEIC image in the browser, it returned an error, but then opened it on the second try. However, it too displays only a black square in IrfanView.

I don't know what to make of that.


However, it does suggest this is a problem in the image(s) themselves, which lies outside the Access environment.


You might want to investigate the file properties of these images further, using a tool like this one. 

You might also want to visit Apple's support site and see if you can find more information about their image formats. In the past, images I have downloaded from my iPhone are in .jpg format, by the way, so I've not seen this new HEIC format that I am aware of.
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Thanks George
Yes, there is an issue with the JPG created by Microsoft's Photos app.
However, I have now managed to convert the HAIC image to JPG by sending it from the Apple iPhone via Mail. This action automatically converts the HAIC format to a JPG format.
This JPG does not have any issues in Access.

I wonder if this is something that needs to be submitted as an issue to Microsoft Photos app?


"Yes, there is an issue with the JPG created by Microsoft's Photos app."

Ah, I should have thought of that. Your experience correlates with mine where I upload the images from the iPhone to OneDrive rather than mail, but that does the conversion properly.


Yes, definitely let MS know about it.  It might help. 

Not sure how I contact Microsoft about this issue... Any suggestions?
I was afraid you would ask before I had found a way. I looked quickly at a couple of places, but saw nothing pertinent to the Photos app. I will continue to look for something today.

There are different forums here in the Tech Community; the closest seems to be the Windows Hub,, which may be relevant because Photos is a Windows App. Otherwise, it probably depends on how ambitious you are about reporting it.
Thanks for the link, I will think about doing this