Interactive authentication to Azure SQL Database

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I am using Azure SQL Database and the authentication is based on azure active directory two factor authentication. As a foreground, I would like to have an MS Access database to link to SQL database tables and share this database with the client. I have created an ODBC connection in the "Linked Table Manager" like this:


DRIVER=ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server;;APP=Microsoft Office;DATABASE=myDatabase;TrustServerCertificate=Yes;


The problem is that when I'm developing forms, the authentication window repeatedly asks for authentication.



How can I fix it so that I only authenticate once?


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When you linked to the tables, did you click the option to Save the Password on the dialog?


I don't want to save the password, I need the interactive authentication but only onetime when I open the Access database.


@Mehr_sa123 It is my understanding that Access caches credentials so they remain valid during a session. You are working with Active Directory Interactive authentication which apparently acts differently. Consult the AD documentation