Import New Column Data into existing MS Access Database

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  I have a created a fully functional MS Access database, that uses queries to append/archive/delete items to and from Sharepoint. Futhermore, I have created a UNION query that keeps a running total of ALL items that have been passed through/still in my SharePoint site. 


Here is my delema, recently I have added 5 new columns that only consist of 1's & 0s to this particular project. Unfortunatly, all of my 'Achived' records do not have the data in those 5 new columns because they have already been pulled from the SharePoint site. The good news is, I was able to retrieve the data from a table in Teradata. Also


So every day I have to do an export from my 'Union' query in access and bump it up against my Teradata table into Excel, to get the data for the 5 new columns into all of the records that are messing this data. This portion is just saved in a stand alone excel spreadsheet, that I save with a date stamp on it everyday.


What I really want to do is, be able to append the data that is missing to 'Union' query, without overwriting anything. So that my 'Union' query is fully up to date, especially since I use this same query for backend reporting. 

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I got it figured it.


I just used an 'Update' query.