If a client has more than one car, how to have one car's data printed to the invoice

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I'll word this the best I can and if there are additional questions I'll be happy to answser them.

I've built a ADB for an Auto Repair Shop. I've added Customer Form, Auto Fields with a continuous form nested in the Customers form, as shown (Picture 1).


On the "Orders" form (Picture 2) I have added fields where the automotive data needs to be re-entered, as a work around until I can figure out the correct way to have the correct data printing on the invoice (picture 3) without having redundant data. If it were just one car per client, that would be easy enough, but many clients have more than one car and I need that car on the invoice. A dropdown would be a nice way to go (combo box) maybe using a Concatenation of all the car data in a query? I'd like to make it easier for the owner to enter data.


Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate your help. Thanks to this group, I've nearly completed this database.


Best Regards, Tony.


Edit: I created a query for the automobiles and dropped the query into the order/repair form. Now I'm able to see the cars on the report but I see all of the cars of the customer, and I would like to filter only the current car being worked on. See pic4. Thank you again for any help.

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Apparently "ADB" is short for "Access database"?

Show us the tables. Everything in a relational database application starts with properly designed tables.

Without that groundwork, looking at forms is not very productive. You can attach a sample accdb to your posts. Do that if possible because it's so much easier to examine the actual objects than trying to interpret pictures.

Yes to ADB, sorry if my verbage is incorrect. I've attached the file to the post, and thank you so very much for your help. Best Regards, Tony. I thought the file was attached but when I post it I can no longer see it. I'll see if I can figure out why the upload won't post.



It's not really "correct" or "incorrect" ; rather it's important to be clear about terms, especially when discussing relational database applications where there are so many details to track.



Google says that link can't be guaranteed safe. Sorry.


Does this link not work for your accdb?



It doesn't work for accdb but I'll try a zip file, see if there is any difference



It seems the zipped file attaches fine, good info to know.