I need to access the database


hello guys please what i need to do to access the database.



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Reboot the machine. File > Account to make sure Access is at the latest version.
On a copy of the file, run File > Infor > Compact and Repair
If it still fails, try it on another computer.
If it still fails, go back to a backup. You may have some corruption.
sir, this is an old program database i found it on an old computer. i need to extract some information. the file keeps asking me that the user does not have access to it. I tried to compact and repair but it doesn't work
Create a new database.
Use the Import feature to import tables from the other database. That should give you at least the data, but not a working application.


keep asking my permission



That doesn't look good. You may have to go back in time to a backup that does not have this problem.
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If the file extension of the db is "accdb" then the messages could come from a corruption of the file.

If the file extension is "mdb" then the messages could also mean that the database is secured with the old user level security method.



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