I can sense a signal of life in Access Web Apps

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From an AWB App, online, if you click the gear botton (top right) , there is a new command "Export to SharePoint Lists"

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this creates a subside with the name as in App name, creates tables with relashionships as in AWA App, and copies (i think copies) the data.


this has been the first signal of life of AWA development team since years. i wish this is serious and wish see linking not copying to sharepoint lists, plus tens of other new fearures in AWA.



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Have noticed. I didnt want to delete thsi "stupid post" as to show some of the shock many users are feeling. The time we were waiting/promissed of a nice surprise, they are shutting down AWA..

I did this now my access web app database is stuck in read only mode. Has anyone else had this problem?

As it looks like Access Web Apps support is not enough for many use cases: You can keep your Access Web App tables or views (based on SQL Azure) connected and in sync (one-way or even two-way) with any SharePoint list (and 100+ other data sources including any local SQL database) using 3rd party sync tools.


No changes required in the data source or destination. The tool runs as a Windows Service locally or in Azure.


Thanks, Frank

I already tried what happens when you choose to run that function:

It created a subsite and exported all the data into lists.

Thats it.

If you had a rich AWA where you put a lot of time into development, the
result is very disapointing.

From my point of view also data macros running in the AWA are not considered.

When exporting the data also a list is created showing the single seps of the export process. In my case it ended with an entry stating that there was an error when exporting without any detail on that error.

When trying to enter data into the created lists the lookup fields doesn´t work.

I assumed the export would also create some powerapp to have a better UI and adding Flows to replace the macros. Well, it didn´t.


There is still some time left until AWAs will be deleted by Microsoft. It would be good if the export process could be improved until that day to create something that comes a bit closer to the UX that AWAs offered.