How to use MS Word mailmerge + Access in the cloud?

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Hello all,


We are four (soon 5) employees who are working on premises.


Current Situation

We have:

- One Dell Server (#1), used only to host documents (Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, etc.)
- One Dell Server (#2), used to host Quickbooks files + acting as a backup server for server #1
- Four Dell desktop computers (Windows 10 Pro), connected to both servers via local network,
- Two Dell 24" monitors per computer
- One laser printer per computer (wired)
- One ScanSnap scanner per computer (wired)


On a daily basis, we use the following software apps:

- Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, and Access)
- Quickbooks Pro 2021 (desktop edition)
- Chrome, Firefox and Edge
- Gmail Workspace (for all our daily emails)
- MS Outlook + add-on EmaiMerge Pro for Outlook (only for mass emailing once a month)


More precisely, we extensively use Word mail merge in connection with our Access database (almost 5,000 records - our clientele information). We prepare our draft emails and a lot of corporate documents, by using Word mail merge.


In brief, the Word mail merge + Access combination is crucial for our business.


Expected Situation

I want to move our whole business in the cloud by using any appropriate Microsoft solution.



I am unable to find a solution allowing us to continue to use Word mailmerge + Access if we put our business in the cloud.


Microsoft 365, including Sharepoint, is nice but Word does not allow us to use a data source that is online.


Windows 365 is an interesting solution, maybe?


I recently have a virtual meeting with a member of the Microsoft cloud team, but he had no solution (weird...).


Do you have any idea how I can achieve my goal to move our business in the cloud and continue to use Word mailmerge with Access?


Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


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