How to Share MS Access forms Online

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I am new to MS Access, and I have already built my tables and forms. However, I am having difficulties on how I can share the forms with the end user.


My goal is to have them enter information through forms and my goal is to consolidate their answers in a single database

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MS-Access form can not published to web. You have two way. (1) Share your database to sharepoint so other user can update it. (2) You can use Azure cloud SQL database as backend and MS-Access as front end. Then user can enter data from anywhere connected to internet.
Do you know any documentation that I can look for these 2 option? Thank you! I appreciate your response.



The Sharepoint wizard is included in Access:

Import, link, or move data to SharePoint


Migrating the data to SQL Azure is more complex. Most people use SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access (SSMA) and migrate the Access data first to a local SQL Server, optimize it using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and then migrate it to Azure SQL. But SSMA can also do it in one step. You can find some documentation if you click through the menu tree on the left side of the above linked page.


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I read the question a little differently. 


You can't share the interface elements of an accdb online in the sense most people probably think of.


Access runs on the desktop, so you won't put Access forms directly into the browser.


That said, there are ways to make the DATA available to a browser-based interface, which would need to be built for that purpose.


SharePoint itself is not an option. Access accdbs are not designed to work properly when run from SharePoint, but as Karl pointed out, you can migrate the data to SharePoint to share the data that way. 

Probably experienced Access developers prefer the other approach Karl suggested, SQL Azure or a hosted SQL Server.


Depending on the number of users and volume of data, and how much your organization is willing to invest in an online solution, there are several ways to deploy an interface for the online environment. You can always deploy the Access FE to users so they can put it on their own computer and connect to your data in "the cloud".