How to get 'REPORTS' label and my reports to reappear on my Navigation Pane

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I accidently deleted my 'REPORTS' label/object, with the reports I created, from my Navigation Pane.  All that is visible are Tables, Queries and Forms.  I have no idea what I did.  I've tried hidden/unhidden with no luck

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@Nimita You'll have to recover them from your most recent backup.

@George_Hepworth How? I tried to copy from backup to current one but I still can't get Reports to show on my navigation pane.


I misunderstood then. You didn't delete the reports themselves. You changed the Navigation Pane so it doesn't show them. Can you open them from VBA?


You can manage the Navigation Pane and it's features. Here are the options.


Note that if you actually hid the reports, you can check the option to view them anyway, and once you see them you can change their hidden properties.