How to create Combo box list (employees) connected to other form information

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Please give me example on how to create combo box list (employees) connected to other employees information (form). Thank you!...

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This description is far too vague to offer significant suggestions.

What do you mean, for example by "...connected to other form information."?


As you should know, data is stored only in tables. Forms only DISPLAY data from tables. They do  not have "other employees information".


What I think you probably want is to bind a form to a table -- specifically an employee table. On this form there will be controls bound to fields in that table. Most of them will be text controls for things like "EmployeeFirstName" and "EmployeeLastName". 


You want one control to be a combo box for some reason. Perhaps the field to which that combo box is bound would be a lookup table. That lookup table could be, perhaps, titles or suffixes, e.g. "Mr.", "Mrs." and so on. Or it could be something else that is not apparent yet and which you can clarify.


In any event, combo boxes have two relevant properties.


One is the "Control Source". That refers to the field in the table to which values entered through the combo box are stored. In other words, you could bind a combo box to a field in an employee table containing the employee's current job title. Selecting one of the job titles in the combo box assigns that value to the bound field in the table.


The second is the "Row Source". That refers to the other table in which the possible values for this field are stored. E.g. it could be a lookup table of Job Titles.


Again, that's kind of high-level and non-specific until we get a more specific description of the actual requirement here. 

Thank you.

After re-reading your post, I think I got it backwards. You have a form bound to some other table and want to use the combo box to select an employee. If that's the case, the overall description would apply, except, of course, for the tables involved. I.e. the Row Source for the combo box is the employee table.
Once we know exactly what is needed, we'll be in a position to offer more detailed suggestions.

Thanks again.
Thank you very much for replying my inquiry George.
Employee Name
1. Clark Ken
2. Peter Parker
3. Dante Humbkler
if you want to select this name in combo box list, another information on this employee appear in another form like background, trainings, education, etc.

Thank you so much... for your time.
Thank you very much George but I can't explain very well to you. I think this was only database coding on how to update my form which is other information when I select employee from combo box list.



For some reason I didn't get notice of your followup.


"... on how to update my form which is other information when I select employee from combo box list...."


What you are describing, I think is what a so-called "Searching combo box". It's one of the combo box wizards, as a matter of fact.


Try here:






Thank you very much... Appreciate it