How to change color of a word inside a long text field?

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In a Table, I have two long text field. I think they called note in older versions of Access. I use a form to input data into this two fields. In one of them, when I change the color of a word inside the field, it accepts, but in the other it doesn't accept.

I'm wondering why Access should act differently for same action (changing the color of a word inside a field) in two different field. This is an old database I have designed for English language learning purpose and it is quite an old one. I don't remember if I have changed other settings for two fields.


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you can add Color to your text field if it is a Memo (Long text) and the Text Format property is Rich Text.
Thanks. That worked like a charm.
I find the place you mentioned, that is
Table Design/General tab/Text Format and choose Rich Text
and I saved that, but when I returned to form, still it doesn't show the menu to choose the required color. What step am I missing?
bring your form in design view and click on the Textbox you need to put color.
on it's Property->Data->Text Format = Rich Text.
save your form.
when you open the form and on the "the Textbox" go to ribbon->Home->Text formatting to choose a color.
Thanks a lot. It is solved.
When I read your first post, I thought I should impose those changes in Table view. In your last post, you thoroughly write that I should impose those changes in Form Design view.

Now in addition to answering my question, you thought me that Table properties is different from Form properties. Now that is solved it becomes very apparent but with this informative post, I think I will never forget this point.
This is the beauty of forums where you learn by real question and it becomes perpetual. I will never forget it and that is what I love about forums/
Arnel thanks again.
> Table properties is different from Form properties.
That is correct. If you FIRST set the table properties, THEN create a form bound to that table, this property and many others will be re-used. But if you do the reverse, that is not the case.
Thanks Tom. That is good point. Is bounding a form to table a default selection or I have to select it?

@Rasoul Khoshravan 

With "binding a form to a table" we mean setting the RecordSource property to a table name, a sql statement, or a query name. You then get the CRUD features for free. This is Access default behavior if for example you select a query in the Navigation Pane, then click on Form in the Create tab of the ribbon.

This is as opposed to unbound forms, where you would have to do the work of saving data yourself.

Thanks for your reply which is very informative for me.
I don't know the meaning f CRUD. So I serched the internet and got the following answer:
What is CRUD? CRUD is an acronym that comes from the world of computer programming and refers to the four functions that are considered necessary to implement a persistent storage application: create, read, update and delete.
I suppose this is exactly what you are aiming.