How do you simply Capitalise first letters of words in a text box

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I am new to Access software. I previously used Lotus Approach for my DB. But it no longer works in Windows 10. I have created a new DB in Access and transferred all my clients over. The problem I have is that the formatting has gone and I don't seem to be able to find how to Capitalise the first letter of someones name or street. In Approach there was a check box where you could check to capitalise the first letter of a sentence or the first letter of words entered into a field ie. First Street, or John Doe. There doesn't appear to be anything like that in Access. All I can find is people saying you need to write a string to do this and then a string to do that. Obviously Lotus where able to put this into the code of the software, so why is not it available in Access?

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You'll want to use the StrConv() function, refer to

Do you could use the control's After Update event to apply StrConv to the controls value.

@Daniel_Pineault I haven't got a clue want any of this means. I don't do code. What is a string or a StrConv() function?

As I said in my original post I am use to Lotus Approach, which did all that for you by just checking a box on what you wanted to do. It was so simples. You need a degree to use Access.


Thanks anyway.



If you need to use Access, you probably need to invest some time and effort into learning how to use the various tools it provides--including VBA.  If not, then I understand Lotus Approach is still sold....


In this case, a string is simply that, a string, or series, of one or more characters. A string can contain both alpha characters and digits. For example, SN10101D is a string consisting of three alpha characters and 5 digits.


A person's first name is a string. A person's last name is a string. All of the sentences in this post are strings! All of the paragraphs are also strings in that they consist of multiple alphabetic characters one after another. The entire post is, in turn, a string.


What you need to do is apply the StrConv() function to the string your users type into the text box control on the form. Daniel explained how you can do that. Open the form in design view. Find that control. Use the form's property sheet to find the right event and use Daniel's suggestion. 


You'll find some information about the StrConv() function here.