How do I locate an Excel workbook that was recently autosaved (cannot get the window to appear)?

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Help!  My Excel shutdown on Friday, and I saw all of the autosaved versions but I think I saved one of the workbooks to a different folder when recovering.  How do I search my system for that current version?  The one I found is an older version from a week prior.  I appreciate your prompt help!

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Although this is not an Access specific question, there is a general approach to finding files on a computer that you can use, I believe.



This screen shot shows a search on a D:\ drive, although you could search any drive, e.g. your C:\ drive or a network drive the same way.


This will return a large number of potential matches, so you should narrow the search as much as possible, of course.


It may be the case that some folders are not included in the default search, so it will help if the location you selected is an otherwise accessible folder.

there is a Freeware called Everything.exe
it will search your computer and any media connected to your pc/laptop on the
filename you type.