How do I import a replicated access 2010 database into access 2021

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I'm looking for an add-in, I've been told, to help me import old databases.

Any help will be appreciated.



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I have never heard of an add-in to import old databases in Access.


But before we get to that, can you confirm what you mean by "a replicated" database?


I assume you are referring to the way Replication was implemented in the older mdb format. Replication was actually deprecated in Access 2007, so the reference to Access 2010 seems iffy as well. although the Replication Conflict Viewer was still available. That viewer was dropped from the Access 2010 version.


The way I would do it, actually, would be to create a new, empty accdb and import all of the tables from the mdb into it. If necessary, you can delete any fields related to the replication at that point.


If you do find an add-in to do this, though, it would be interesting to see a reference to it.