How can I read/write with access desktop database to Sharepoint Managed Termstore

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Does anyone know how we can access the Termstore of our Office365 subscription with an ACCESS Desktop application?


We use an access desktop application as frontend to read and write product master data (such as product name, material, color, net weight,...) from/to a Sharepoint library called PRODUCTS that is hosted on out Office365 Teamwebsite.


We have also some experience with the Term Store to create taxonomies. As an example, when upload data sheets a Sharepoint library called DATASHEET we use the Termstore to select the product name.


For us it would be extremly interesting if we could use the product names defined in our Termstore also in our access desktop application.


Any idea how to make this work?


Your feedback is extremly appreciated


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For us it would be perfect if we could use

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