How Best Can I R.un my Access2003 database Now?

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We have an Access database (and Reports) that was created back then in Access 2003 by someone who is long gone.


We now have a W10 Desktop without Access 2003.


What is the best way for us to run this Database now? (Since we no longer have the developer we are most concerned about compatibility.)


Thanks for any advice!



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There are some changes during the period from 2003 till 2019. 

First what you can do is to run the database with the acces runtime edition. 

If it does not run good you can try to convert the database to the newer or newest  version off Access.  For converting you do need a full version from the Access software or you can let it be done by a developer. 

If you have a version  of the database what is not encrypted / compiled it can be "updated" by a developer for you. 


For exact analyses it needs the database to give a real answer. 






Thank you, Marcel.


Thanks to a new online friend and Access pro, the DB has been converted and I'm now running it under Access2010 (which I purchased for $20 on ebay).