Hiding or Protecting Confidential Info. from other uses in Access

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Hi Everyone,


Our company needs to create a database using the MS Access application.  However, one of the questions on the table is how to protect privileged information when there are several users who will have access to this data.  Can someone explain if we can protected or not allow certain users access or viewing abilities to certain tables (for instance) due to confidentiality, etc.?  


The other question on the table for this project is we would like to place the application in SharePoint.  Our company has Microsoft Office 365 and I see all applications but Access.  Can the Access application be accessible in SharePoint?


Thank you for your help!

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@crfrersr There are ways to minimize the risk that unauthorized users will see protected information they should not see. One good source of information is at Mendip Data Systems  Colin posts here regularly so I imagine he will see this discussion at some point.

To the other part of the question, about using SharePoint. It depends to some extent what you mean. This YouTube video should help get your feet under you on that aspect.

Thank you for your response. The site r Mendip.... seems to be more for say hackers. For us, we have several users that will be in and out of the database and certain data is privileged or confidential only to certain users. We are looking or hoping that Access database can allow to refrain from users to see this confidential data. Is that possible? Thank you in advance.


The articles on my site are certainly not 'for hackers'.
The various articles are designed to show how applications can be protected against both unauthorised use and accidental damage .
Probably the most relevant article to you on my site is http://www.mendipdatasystems.co.uk/improve-security-2/4594571073.

The article discusses in detail various measures that can be applied in any multi-user application.

First of all, none of your users should ever work with tables or queries directly. All user interaction should be done via forms where access can easily be controlled according to user roles or permission levels. For example, forms can be made read only to standard users but editable for program admins. You can also make forms which contain sensitive info accessible only with a password....etc.


If you haven't done so already, please read that article, select whichever parts are useful to you and come back with specific questions or issues you think have been omitted.

Hmm. I wonder what you mean by "hackers"? In the more traditional sense, that refers to people who try to gain unauthorized access to information through nefarious methods. In the current usage, it means almost anything to do with unorthodox ways to do things. Neither applies in any way to what we are talking about. I linked to that site because it does describe things you can do to better protect your data.

Good luck.
Thank you George. I do apologize. I am not in IT just trying to work through a project. I did misunderstand it.
Did you miss my reply in post #3?
Yes. It was very helpful. Thank you so much. Take care.