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So, I have a value (text) in a form, that was generated from multiple selected list.  e.g. the text box says, 'AB1' or 'CD2' or 'EF3'   

I want to pass this value ('AB1' or 'CD2' or 'EF3') to a query field (e.g. customer).  Well, I can see that the text can come over, but it is not behaving in the criteria section.  I can hand type 'AB1' or 'CD2' or 'EF3'  in the criteria and the query will work, but when drawing the value from the form, it will not filter.  Why?  I did a simple expression, expr1: [Forms]![FormName]![Field] and it display exactly as 'AB1' or 'CD2' or 'EF3' .  Why can't it filter in the criteria??  Help!!  Thanks in advance.




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someone please help.  I thought this is just a brain freeze on my side.  Thank you

Can you please paste the entire query here as shown in SQL view, along with a screenshot of the results you are seeing in Datasheet view?
A screenshot of the form you are using for criteria selection / binding may also help provide some context as well.

TY but I was able to figure it out now.  



Great, I'm glad to hear you worked it out.


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