help with country code change


trying to renew microsoft 365 and the region/country shows UK and should be US. All other settings are correct as US. The region field is grayed out so I cant change to US.

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i think you should Change the Setting on your Computers Regional Setting.

Hello @Helcha , did you get a resolution to this problem? I'm in the same boat as yours.


First, have you tried Arnel's suggestion? If not, please do that first.


If that doesn't resolve the problem, post back with specifics. The original problem statement indicated that only Office 365 was impacted, while other applications were not. Is that also the same for your problem?


@George Hepworth I think Arnel misunderstood the question. The original post is asking about changing the billing country in Microsoft 365 subscription. In Microsoft 365 Admin module, the country field is greyed out. This is not about a computer's regional setting.