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I'm creating this final report.


When I EXPORT to a PDF, I end up with A FEW PAGES where I have the next person's name but their data doesn't start until the next page.  Anyway to FORCE a page break or is there a setting to prevent that from happening?





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Reports have a set of properties to handle various options for page breaks and managing sections of data that need to be grouped. Depending on how you want to present the data, you can implement a combination of "Keep Together" and "Force New Page Before" or "Force New Page After" properties for Group Headers, Detail Sections, and Footer Sections.





Experiment with different options and combinations until you achieve the required results.


Thanks. I guess I'll have to play with it.

I definitely want a new page for the next NAME and if I could "manually" insert a break so someone's record in all on one page (as one can do in WORD and EXCEL quite easliy) that would be better.

Thanks for the start.
There are two considerations.

First, there is the option to force a new page before a section. That section could be the group header for the person's name. That's the functional equivalent of a page break.

Second, there is the problem of what to do if the detail records don't all fit on one page. You can try to control that with the "Keep Together" option, but that may not always be effective if the number of records in the section exceeds the available space. That conflict would need to be resolved according to your guidelines on how it would look.



I manipulated the various settings and now each LAST name has its own page unless there are too many records for one page. In that case, the new page has both the LAST NAME and FIRST name for clarity. Thanks again.